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Testing of Large-Scale Gas Meters

The Eng.-Office IMBUS not only realized new developments, but also existing facilities are reconstructed and renewed. This is beneficial not only in relation to the costs, but also the necessary reconstructions are much lower. Just in case of larger systems, no modifications of the room space are required.

Such a reconstruction was carried out on behalf. From the old test rig, the pipe installation, valves, standard meters and some sensors were further used. The complete electronic control and the test system software were renewed and improved. In that way new features were implemented, partially on customer request, such as more calibration- and test functions.

The following components were renewed:Electronic control

Electric/electronic in and output components

Control box with I/O modules, counter modules and power supply. The connection via plugs for service and flexibility.

TVisualisation test procedureest system software and control

Test-System software on a PC, using LabView for programming, meter can be calibrated, adjusted and tested with free programmable flow rate

Control valve

Control valves

The test flow rates can be adjusted about the regulation of the exhauster and control valves

Pressure sensorsPressure sensors

Pressure measurements with exact and long-term stable sensors for a low uncertainty

At the end of the reconstruction the facility was certified by the responsible local weights and measures authority. The certification to be based on the uncertainty report, which shows the measuring equipment capability.