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Test Rigs

For the use of devices or part groups in the measurement technology, the significant parameters must be measured as exactly as possible. Therefore test rigs will be used, to determine these parameters by random sample checks of up to 100%. The precision requirements are mostly about 1/3 of the measured value. Usually the ability of the testing equipment for this accuracy is proven and shown in an uncertainty report.

Test rigs for Gas and Water Meters

Test rigs for measurement devices are offered mostly single build or in small serial production. The time of using of these rigs depends on the precision and long term stability of the used components. Changes of the standards and guidelines of the devices under test can also demand a variation of the facility. Sometimes the existing sensors, standard meters or electronic and control technology are not able to realise the new requirements. In that case mostly an extensive redesign or a complete replacement will be necessary.

The Eng.-Office IMBUS developed, build and renewed test rigs for gas and water meters. The working range contains the draft, construct or reconstruct, programming up to the documentation and uncertainty report. On demand service will be carry out too.

Test rigs for other part groups and devices

Also in the field of the mechatronics, the parameters with a high accuracy are often needed. The engineering office IMBUS is also busy with development and construction of special test facilities.