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The engineering office IMBUS was founded end of 1995 as a consulting company. Main targets in the first years was sales of domestic gas meters in Germany and the technical consultation concerning requirements of gas measuring instruments in Western Europe. It belongs to extensive knowledge of standards, technical applications and regulations, as well as the practical conversion of requirements of the gas supplying industry.

Lutz Fabian, M.Sc.

Mr. Lutz Fabian, M.Sc. as the owner of engineering office is a personal member in the DVGW and already led several nationally certified inspection stations for gas measuring instruments.

Another field of activity is the gas measurement inspection technology with the special orientation towards critical nozzles using for different ranges of application. In this area is also positioned the service of the first in Germany certified critical nozzles test rig for diaphragm gas meters, which Mr. Fabian already certified in 1991. In this rig were used officially for the first time critical sonic nozzles for the calibration of diaphragm gas meters at 40 l/h and 60 l/h. For first sonic nozzles test rig, which is now used from the Local Weights and Measures Office in Halle (Saale), the engineering office IMBUS still carried out the maintenance and service.

From 1997 to 2003 the engineering office IMBUS co-operated with the Polish company COMMON. In the context of this collaboration, gas measurement products were developed and introduced into the international, and particularly Western European market by the German company COMMON GmbH. The engineering office IMBUS was not only involved as a developer, but also responsible for establishing the company and the market, for the product certification and marketing.

Since 2004 the engineering office also busy in marketing for the ranges electronics and automation. On behalf of a Berlin enterprise, electronic and automation devices from their own development will be placed on the market, in which the full spectrum of the organization and support reach of fairs over the customer service up to writing folders and on-line presentations.

Starting from 2005 also the development of water meter test benches was added. The first facility was a complete renewing of a test facility for a National Weights and Measures Office. The requirements of the measuring technology are higher thereby than to a production test bench or one in a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. Standards, sensors, electronics and software were renewed and documented for PTB permission.

In 2009 the offer spectrum was extended again by testing facilities outside of the gas and water meter industry. With the development of a test facility for spring bellows, limits of the mechanical possibilities and measuring accuracies were reached, which were up to now never realised.

According to the slogan "a good consultation is the half business" we are looking forward to your questions and inquiries. Please contact us...