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Test Rig for Water Meters

In 2006 the test rig for water and heat meters, produced in 1995, was converted and renewed in order of the National Weights and Measures Office Sachsen-Anhalt.

old Computer and control cabinet new Computer test rack

The standards, electronic and software were prepared for higher requirements and more flexibly. Also in expectation of the new European Measurement and Instrumentation Directive this reconstruction was necessary.

The flow-standards (MID's), balances, control electronics as well as the computer inclusive software were replaced. The pipe work system, valves and water tanks were maintained and will be used further without substantial changes.

MID measurement converter MID flow meter balances and tanks

The control is based on special decentralized I/O modules of the company SHF AG, which are connected by an Ethernet network with the computer as process control as well as the balances. For further stages of development it would be possible to use the devices in a Real Time Ethernet network.

new electronic control

The control computer is a usual standard PC. Programming took place with a modern graphic programming surface.

sevice menu of the program

A following development of this test rig for testing heat meters is planned. The control components can be supplemented by further I/O modules. Programming is easily expandable.

An additional extension on the requirements of the new European Measurement and Instrumentation Directive is also possible without problems at short notice.

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