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Natural Gas Test Facility for Electronic Domestic Gas Meters


In order and together with a company from South Germany the engineering office IMBUS develops a new test facility for domestic gas meters.

By the increasing use of Smart meters also within the gas range ever more electronics at the domestic gas meter will be used. So far electronics for the classical diaphragm gas meter was not needed, now additional electronic devices are used. Electronics becomes generally more and more cheaply, long-lived and reliable. In such a way also the cost advantage of the simple diaphragm gas meters opposite electronic domestic gas meters with other measurement principles is cancelled. On the one hand these new electronic meters have more functionality, on the other hand they are more exactly. Already the inclusion of the gas temperature on the determination of the flowed gas volume is already a large advantage.

These new meters need of course also new test procedures and require higher demands against the test equipment. They will not only check the domestic meters with more than 3 test flows, but also with different gas- and ambient temperatures and with different gases. In that way for the first time it will be possible in the domestic meter measurement, to calibrate and to verify these gas meters with natural gas as a standard metrological test.